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November 21, 2015

Favorite Pre-Black Friday Sales

Just sharing a few amazing pre-Black Friday sales that are going on this weekend (some are today only)! I usually am not one to get into the hype of shopping in store, but these online deals are too good to pass up! 

  • GAP - cardholders get 50% off everything with code BFRIDAY 

  • Target isn't running too many of their storewide sales yet, but they are having a buy one get one 50% off sale on lots of items. They're also having a great sale on their Christmas decorations, which is exactly what I'm shopping for right now! Get an extra 10% with code 72HOURS (and if you spend $125 or more in home items you get 20% off automatically). All of their Christmas trees are also 15% off with code TREES (and some of their indoor Christmas stuff is 20% off with code TREES?) Honestly their sale is a little confusing but I'd just try using code TREES and code 72HOURS and see which gives you the better discount at checkout!!!

  • Pottery Barn is offering 20% off any one regularly-priced item today only! Use code SAVE20. I'm loving this faux fur blanket, would be so perfect for winter!


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