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August 16, 2015

Stokke Scoot Review

If you've followed the blog since the beginning of Liv, you'll know that we're not huge stroller people in this household. Blame it on the horrible Boston winter and not having a car, having to use public transportation, living in a tiny space that required getting up two flights of stairs (and the list can go on), strollers have never really been that convenient for us. We're sort of die-hard baby-wearers. Seriously. If you don't believe me read my babywearing carrier comparison post. But since moving into a bigger place, having a car available, and now having a toddler, it was time to find a good stroller.

So far we've had two favorite strollers that are complete opposites - our cheap-ish umbrella stroller (First Years Jet) and our heavy-duty convertible Britax B-Ready. I loved the B-Ready (and may still use it when the second baby comes since it can be converted to a double), but it was just way too bulky for city life. Right now it's at my parents house and perfect for long walks there. I ended up using our First Years Jet much more when we needed a stroller; it was lightweight, didn't take up the whole sidewalk when we walked, and still had some of the "nicer" features that don't come with all umbrella strollers. But at the end of the day it's still an umbrella stroller, the underseat storage is pretty skimpy, it doesn't recline much, and the wheels get locked in the wrong direction now and then. We basically couldn't find a happy medium. And then came the Stokke Scoot.

I won't lie, I've been drooling over the Stokke Scoot for a while, and if I had known about it before buying our other strollers I probably would have bit the bullet and spent the money for this one the first time. But already having two strollers, I never could have convinced myself to spend the money on another one. But when the folks at Stokke asked if I wanted to review it, you better believe I jumped at the chance (obviously wanted to disclose that to you guys beforehand)!

We've now been all around town (the stroller coming along in the car trunk, on the train, and even on a ferry) testing out the stroller for the last couple of months and it's safe to say this is the one. Read below for a list of pros and cons (and lots of photos)!

  • Small/compact, but oh so smooth - I can squeeze through the normal size subway entrance (not the handicapped one) and fit onto tight elevators with this baby, and the wheels never lock up on me or cause any problem. It's a great size for city-living.
  • Storage - the underseat storage fits a ton. Like, our blanket for sitting at the park, a towel, bags from shopping, etc. 
  • Easy reclining - there are three different positions for reclining in this stroller, and it's as easy as unclipping two clips right at the back of the stroller. It's really easy and if Liv falls asleep in the stroller I can easily recline it without waking her up. 
  • Multiple positions - I love that this stroller can face towards me or out towards the rest of the world. And switching it is convenient (there are side indicators that are green to show you it's secure).
  • Seat height - The seat in this stroller is high enough that we've used it as a high chair a few times already (mostly if we're eating at an outside stable). Really convenient. 
  • Rain cover - I had some trouble finding the right rain cover for our other strollers, I really appreciated that this stroller comes with its own. And it covers everything! On days when we might have rain we always keep it packed away below just in case!

  • Folding/Unfolding - I think this was my biggest pet peeve for at least a month into owning this thing. I just couldn't do it. I'd read the manual and end up having to have N do it later. Finally one day I had him show me and it turns out although I was sliding the right button, I wasn't actually sliding it and then pushing down (I didn't realize it even pushed down that far)! Now that I know how to actually do it, it's no longer a problem, but reading around online I can tell I'm not the only one who didn't get in on the first try. 
  • No cup holder - I feel a little spoiled writing this as a con, but for a pretty expensive stroller, a cupholder would have made it perfect. At some point I'm sure we'll buy one and it will be a non-issue, but it would have been nice! 

Outfit details: Top (Nordstrom), Jeans (Target last season, but these are almost identical), Hat (Janessa Leone), Watch (Daniel Wellington / if buying on DW's website, use code LAURALACQUER for 15% off!), Sandals (Target version of these Birks)

Stroller: Stokke Scoot, v2, in Aqua Blue, c/o Stokke

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  1. You inspire me so much. I know that this is a post that does not necessarily have to do with your career, but I am compelled to let you know how much I look up to you. I am a high school senior, passionate about becoming a doctor, but don't know if I have what it takes to go through the extensive process and schooling (plus I'm not the best at science as I am at my other subjects, so it seems far-fetched)... But seeing you do it, have a successful life with a beautiful family and an optimistic view on life that you express through your blog inspires me... If I choose medicine as my career path, know that I owe it all to you and your words of encouragement!!!

  2. Where was this when I had toddlers? LOL!

    Well, at least I know which one to buy when it's time to have another one (many moons from now). LOL!

  3. I think it would be better to have a sturdier stroller even if it's more expensive as it would last longer and can be used for other babies too.

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