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August 5, 2015

Off the Shoulder

A fun top I had to buy (it was $9!) and wore for a relaxing date night a couple weekends ago! N and I went to our new usual spot, which for now I will be incredibly selfish and keep a secret because I love that we never have to make reservations and can always get a table outside and people watch! Aaaand they have the best clam chowder ever. 

This is what I wear to stuff my face with bowls of clam chowder. Minus the heels. The heels lasted all 4 minutes of us taking pictures and then I switched into flat sandals - I never understand how pregnant ladies wear heels.  Plus part of the reason I love our secret spot is that after there are tons of outdoor shops and places to stroll around and continue our conversation after dinner and hold hands and just feel like we're soaking up our oh-so-sacred us time! Heels have no place for clam chowder-stuffed pregnant lady romantic walks. 

This last week and the current one have been a little tough - N was on nights last week while I was on days, and now we've flipped and I'm on nights this week while he's back on days! So we basically go days without seeing each other because we're just on opposite schedules. Thankfully we both still get plenty of Liv time though, and we keep in touch throughout the day, and as with all of this, it's just temporary! 

I will be posting a medicine update on the blog soon, but so far after getting through this first month of residency I've already had a ton of "firsts" - my first time being called "Doc" (most often with a thick Boston accent), my first real code that I was a big part of (and we brought him back! although in what state is hard to say still), my first time pronouncing a patient dead and sharing the news with family, it's certainly been quite the initiation month. And I love medicine. I know we've been told that we'll get burned out this year, and I can see how, with all the menial tasks of order writing and documentation that take up so much of our days and nights. But when I actually get to spend time with patients I'm still reminded how much I love this field, reminded that I chose the right thing. And with that deep introspection we'll finish up with a picture of my feet and outfit details (insert laughing emoji here)!

Outfit details: Top (Asos, on sale for less than $10)! // Jeans (old, almost identical here) // Sandals (Aldo)


  1. First off, you look beautiful and good for you staying so elegant while pregnant! Looking forward to the medicine must be so exciting to be living your dream after so many years of hard work!

  2. You look great! I looked a hot mess when I was pregnant with my second and had a preschooler to contend with. And how you have the mental wherewithal to take care of patients, my hat is off to you. You are doing a great job!

  3. At least you attempted the heels! Can't wait for your medicine post

  4. I can't wear heels for four minutes and I'm not even pregnant, so props to you! Can't wait to hear more about medicine. Sounds like you are having an amazing experience!

  5. I was literally about to ask how you lasted in those heels lol. I can barely do heels now, I can't imagine when I'm pregnant. Those women who can though, they are talented, lol. You look beautiful! x

  6. Love this! If you don't mind me asking, what size are you wearing? This will be my first maternity piece and I'm scared I'll get the wrong size, especially since I've never ordered Asos shirts before. I'm normally a med/large... I still have no belly yet!

    1. Thank you! I got it in the size 4. Part of why I picked it up (other than the price tag) was that the style is pretty forgiving even if it's not the perfect fit! Hope that helps! And congrats! xx

  7. Fashion mama, you look simply beautiful :)

  8. Love this outfit! You make pregnancy look gorgeous and pretty easy, even if it's not you pull it off well! I love everything about this blog it's very inspiring. Looking forward to the medicine post.

  9. Super cute outfit! I think I will have to add that shirt to my maternity wardrobe. I feel like a whale in everything I currently wear :-/

  10. Love your outfit and how easy and comfy it looks. You make it look effortless aside from looking beautiful.



  11. Your blog is amazing, I spent the last week of my free time reading from the beginning and I love it! Especially all the ones about medical are just so great to read, I am in the medical field as well so it's nice to see what other people say about it.

    Keep the medical post coming!!!

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  13. So beautiful! I love the off the shoulder top!

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