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July 20, 2015

Maternity Boyfriend Jeans

I've already hit the stage of this pregnancy that I need maternity pants! I thought I was carrying Liv low, but this baby takes low to a whole new level, and even my lowest of low-rise non-maternity jeans are already uncomfortable! One trick I've been using is simply not zipping or buttoning my normal jeans and throwing a belly band on top to keep it covered, which certainly does the job! But thankfully I kept most of my old maternity clothes and the first pair of jeans I pulled out were these boyfriend jeans (last seen here when I was a whopping 9 months with Liv)!

My daily outfit has pretty much been scrubs (even those I had to cave and buy the maternity version - so much more forgiving and they keep me covered up - I was tying the normal scrubs with a drawstring so low I really felt uncomfortable at work), but now and then we still make it out for a casual dinner or hanging out around town - here's a look from this weekend!

Outfit details: Top (c/o Lulu*s, similar here) // Jeans (Asos, old style, but almost exact at Asos here) // Flats (Tommy Hilfiger) // Bag (small boutique, similar here) // Watch (Daniel Wellington) // Sunglasses (Ray Ban, c/o SmartBuyGlasses)

Or shop the look here:

Hope you all have a great week!


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  3. You are amazing! I am not pregnant, but these pants with the full band look so comfy and easy that I am going to begin looking for maternity pants now and make these sooner rather than later. :) I'll be prepared and comfy!Thanks!,
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