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July 14, 2015

Balancing work and home

Hi all! Today I'm coming in with a little check in and hopefully touching a bit on that ever-elusive concept of "balance!" Like I mentioned in my last post I'm working nights (one more week!) which actually means I get my weekends off (well, I'm off Friday and Saturday night) which is definitely a bonus in hospital medicine where we usually only get one day off at a time! This past weekend was the first weekend we spent at home instead of traveling - as nice as it was to visit the Cape and to see my family for the Fourth of July, coming back with just enough time to head back to work leaves home life feeling like chaos!

Liv had a little viral infection she came down with Friday evening so we decided to have a quiet weekend, but we also didn't want to feel like we let the weekend go to waste either! I think one of the keys for balancing a busy work schedule and little time off with a satisfying home life is making home as comfortable as possible, as simply as possible. If your home feels like an oasis, spending time there will be so much more pleasant! Now this is obviously not always possible, and I'm guilty of just hiding messes so I don't have to see them for a while so I can relax until I have more time to actually tackle the mess! One thing that I find really helps is doing small cleaning chores each day. Instead of saving a precious Sunday for deep cleaning everything and doing all the laundry, I spread it out into small little tasks throughout the week when I have time. I'll throw a load of laundry in on a random weekday when I get home from my shift, pop it in the dryer when I wake up, then fold it while Liv plays in bed - doesn't feel like the huge task it becomes when I save all the laundry to do at once (and hence doing 3 or 4 loads at a time, and never actually folding all the laundry, and then just throwing it all in a pile on the floor - please tell me I'm not the only one guilty of this)! Same thing with cleaning the tub for example - it really doesn't take long to do if you do it regularly - I'll literally scrub the tub after I give Liv a bath and she's playing with N and not have to think about it the rest of the week! Breaking everything up this way really makes cleaning feel more manageable and allows us more time on the weekend to really just spend together!

Friday I was able to to have a relaxing "spa" afternoon at home while Liv napped. I always sleep less on Friday during the day so that I can actually sleep during the night on Friday and quickly hop back into a normal schedule for the weekend - it means Friday's are pretty exhausting, but thankfully there isn't too much to do! Some of my tried and true favorites for pampering myself include these eye gels I've mentioned before - especially now that I'm working nights, and it's summer time, the cooling effect they have when they're on feels so good! I always want to leave them on for longer than the recommended 10 minutes! They help so much with under eye bags (the jury is still out about dark circles, but these notoriously just take so much longer to see any type of effect). My favorite bath soak is this lavender one by Ahava, paired with this lavender scrub my bath smells heavenly! In an attempt to save time and money I've cut down on gel manicures - an Essie polish paired with this Seche Vite top coat is the closest it gets to gel manicures (although I still prefer gel manicures for the shine and incredible durability - as much as I like having my nails look nice I don't actually like doing my nails)! And of course drinking plenty of water while in the tub! I'm weird and always drink more water through a cup with a straw - whatever works right!?

For the weekend I decided it was time we got our own little blow up pool for the backyard. Liv is a water baby, and I knew she'd love it, but I also knew that not feeling quite herself, she'd probably tire out earlier than usual (so packing up and leaving somewhere to spend a day in the water would not have been a good option)! I found this perfect little pool at Target on sale for $20 - I call it little because it only takes up a little corner of the backyard, but it definitely fits me and Liv (and N) comfortably! I also couldn't help myself and picked up this adorable polka dot tankini (that ties as a retro-looking halter, but I tied in the back to make it strapless) - its front ruching is perfect for my growing belly! Liv loves running around in her little fringe suit - she kept shaking it to make the fringes move! I marinated our steak and threw it in a ziploc bag in the fridge, tossed our sheets in the dryer, and we played in the pool until naptime! It was fun and relaxing and I still felt like I wasn't letting my house fall apart! 

Shop our backyard pool day necessities here! Make sure you don't forget the sunscreen!! 

I guess the point of this post (other than rambling on - and boy am I rambling -  about our weekend) is really to say that balancing work and home is easiest when you keep things simple. When you break chores up into small tasks throughout the week to maximize time spent together over the weekend. The same can be said for schoolwork (for those of you who aren't responsible for a home yet) - breaking it up throughout the week into manageable time efficient chunks will keep you from spending hours at the library all weekend! 


  1. Balance is so elusive. For cleaning, I use the 10-15 minute rule. For 10 minutes before I leave the house every morning and for 15 when I return home, I spend it cleaning. Also, I definitely prefer salon gel manicures too but am also trying to save $ for travel.. Have you tried the Sally Hansen no light gel manicure system? It's just two coats and that's it

  2. You are not definitely not alone with the laundry pile-up; it happens to the best of us. Try out Gelous by ACI as your base coat and in between coats of your favorite polish. It really helps with the durability of at-home manicures.

  3. Stay strong! You are doing such an amazing job balancing everything, you are my inspiration.

    Roxi -

  4. I am the exact same way about water in a cup with a straw. I don't know what it is but I'll down water in my Starbucks cup or Camelback with a straw but a glass of water just sits there.

    I can't believe you are managing working nights, being Liv's momma, and being pregnant at the same time. You go girl!

  5. The gelous gel coat works wonders and isn't expensive at all of you want a gel manicure at home :D I like drinking water through a straw more too. Some restaurants don't give straws when they bring out water and I have to ask for one lol. I feel like a pesk but it seems to be fine.

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  7. It's all about keeping ourselves active and functional. One way to do that is by pacing the cleaning, where you do it as a series of tasks instead of a one-at-a-time thing. That way, you would be working most days, which keeps constant the maintenance of the house. It also helps with hygiene and health by not letting the filth and the germs accumulate.

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply

  8. You are nothing short of amazing for getting all that done, working as hard as you do, and being able to spend wonderful quality time with your baby girl. I can only aspire to do as you do (while I look around at my messy apartment, piles of laundry, and empty fridge....haha). Thanks for the tips, I'm going to give them a try and see if I can at least get off to a fresh start for fall when school starts again!

  9. It’s good to see that you are perfectly balancing your job outside and your job at home as a mother. It’s always better to plan a cleaning schedule, and it’s best to just do all the cleaning in one day, as it would be much more convenient rather than just randomly clean a part of house in any given day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights!

    Courtney Morris @ Onyx Cleaning

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  11. How much time are you able to spend with N and your daughter? I'm asking because I'm on the same path as you (starting med school next year and starting my family during med school). Thank you so much!

  12. How much time are you able to spend with N and your daughter? I'm asking because I'm on the same path as you (starting med school next year and starting my family during med school). Thank you so much!

  13. It’s interesting how balancing work with home life can be very challenging especially for individuals with busy schedules. Nonetheless, I like how you are able to decipher the two and the eloquence that comes with narrating the events of the week is so fascinating. Definitely a tip or two to pick up from her especially on the laundry bit and little pool adventures.

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