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April 17, 2015

Links I Love (4.17.15)

Hello and happy Friday!! Around here the weather is finally starting to really feel like spring (although it's raining currently), and we're so looking forward to spending time outside this weekend! Today I'm rounding up another post on some of my favorite recent links from fellow members of the internet (on the good chance you didn't get that reference, check out the amazing lady I stole it from). 

  • Have you heard of theSkimm? I finally signed up last week and feel so much more up-to-date on the world around me already! This daily newsletter does an amazing job of educating its readers of important news in a short and digestible email that still leaves me feeling well-informed (and even curious to learn more)! 

  • This article is a little vulgar and a little rude, but amazing nonetheless. I certainly don't mean to offend anyone who thinks this way, but this article will hopefully shed light on a movement that is unnecessary at best, and downright harmful at worst. Win for this amazing "science babe."

  • I loved this read from the Boston Globe Magazine - I think it does a wonderful job of illustrating what it's like to be a low-income or first generation student at an Ivy League (or honestly any private higher education) institution. 

  • Do you do podcasts? I was never big into them, but once I moved and my commute changed from a 10 minute walk to a 45 minute-1 hour ordeal on public transportation, I love them (more like need them) and am constantly searching for good ones. This list is perfection. 

  • This is an oldie-but-goodie. If you haven't watched Amy Cuddy's power pose TED talk, make sure you do now (or when you have 20 minutes to spare)! And then practice it! 

  • Everything at Gap is on sale right now, with an extra 30% off using code APRIL. I had to buy Liv the duck swimsuit... and at $14 on sale I didn't even feel bad about it!

  • Wedding season is back in full swing. And with that comes some major spending of money we don't necessarily have. I'm always looking to save as much money as possible when preparing for these events. I love these tips for saving money traveling (although they don't all work for weddings - we can't really control our destination or the time of year we travel, but some of it still applies)! 
    • For dresses, I love using Rent the Runway (a service that lets you rent gorgeous designer dresses), but during times where I think I'll be reusing a dress a couple of times, sometimes it is more cost-saving to buy a cheap dress instead of renting it. Below are some of my favorite picks all on major sale right now at Asos (all less than $100) - the top row dresses are appropriate for black tie weddings, and the bottom row are perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Click any of the images below to shop the looks!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I had not heard of theSkimm before but it sounds like exactly what I need to keep me up to date without investing a lot of time surfing news websites!

  2. this little bathing suits are killing me! adorable!
    just fired off a few of the links into my tabs to read during study breaks, thanks laura <3

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  4. Thank you for sharing the Boston Globe article. While my family isn't low income, I am a first generation college grad and my family is truly middle class, not "upper middle class," as everyone at the elite private liberal arts college I attended claimed to be, and this article really struck home. I remember staying at school one spring break because I didn't have money to go anywhere and one of my classmates asked me, "Why don't you go to Paris?" as if the only thing stopping me was a lack of imagination. Or feeling stressed about having to buy snacks for my seminar when all of my spending money came from my campus job. That being said I still would not trade that experience for anything and I feel like graduating from such an institution has afforded me many opportunities in life.

  5. Loved the list, especially the "Get Ish Done" article. I'm in PT school, and sometimes it's sooooo hard to get yourself motivated. Also, if you're looking for more podcasts check out the TED Radio Hour, Snap Judgement, Hal Elrod, and The Art of Charm. Great commuter fodder. =]


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