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December 4, 2014

My Favorite Planners

As we get ready to head into a new year, one of the questions I'm starting to get more often is how to be more organized, and specifically, which planners I recommend! I've spoken a bit about organization and time management here, but today I wanted to share some planners for the new year! So let's jump into my top three favorite planners - and how I currently use my absolute favorite! All three planners I mention here are beautiful, hardcover, and open to lay completely flat (three features that are important for me in a planner)!

 1. The Day Designer - I owned the larger/original version of the Day Designer and loved it, but for me, it was simply much too large to carry around with me daily! In comes the Day Designer mini, and I think it's perfect. Although you fill in the dates and there aren't the "planning" worksheets that the original has, for me (and most of you) the mini has all of the essentials and most importantly can be thrown in your daily bag!

2. The Simplified Planner - Another larger planner, this is a beauty in its simple layout and sections for each day. I love this planner and if I wasn't in a nice groove with my current planner, this one would definitely be the one I would buy! You can try it out by downloading her free pages and see if you like the format! 

3. Russell + Hazel Mini SmartDate System - This is my current planner and has been for the last year or two, and I absolutely love it. Why? Mostly because as a beautifully designed binder system, every component is interchangeable, and I can update my planner as my planning needs change - when I have rotations at the hospital or clinic, I usually use the weekly planning pages; if I have more control of my schedule and therefore want to plan my days a little more, I throw in some daily planning pages and use those. The size of the binder (which comes in beautiful colors) is perfect for carrying with me on a daily basis - and there are endless pages you can include in your binder to customize a planner perfect for you. In mine I have the monthly pages, weekly pages (I own the daily pages too but haven't used them in a while so keep them in a desk drawer), graph pages for notes, colored dividing tabs, and clear sheet protectors for extra storage (receipts, notes from work, anything)! I seriously cannot say enough good things about the planner system!

Would love to hear what you use to stay organized! The planner in me is always trying to improve!

Links to all items mentioned are in the text, or you shop using the images below as well!


  1. I was just thinking about planners earlier today!!!! Great post!

  2. I love planners! I have my kate spade planner and was just looking on line for one for next year. I love these!

  3. Personally I love this Kate Spade one,en_US,pd.html .. I was lucky enough to purchase one in August that lasts all the way til the end of 2015 so it will be a while until I'm in the market for another one. I'll definitely have to try out one of your suggestions when the time comes however :)

  4. I used to love planners like the ones you described, but I gave up paper planners years ago! I do everything digital, it's all on my phone/laptop. I can share certain events with my husband or other people, I can't imagine ever going back to paper!

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