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December 22, 2014

Last Minute Gift Guide

Happy Monday!! As promised yesterday, here's a quick little gift guide for all of my last-minute shopping brethren.

  1. Hand salve for the hand washer - perfect gift for teachers or health care providers or anyone who would enjoy a nice hand cream! 
  2. Sweaters... all the sweaters, for everyone - I don't know any woman who lives somewhere it hits below 60 degrees who wouldn't love another gorgeous sweater. Lou & Grey pretty much rules the sweater game. 
  3. Oil perfume for the new mom - so many scents to choose from, gift one of these to a new mom - a tiny drop on the wrist and she'll feel like she actually showered and maybe even got transported to a tropical vacation!
  4. Sneakers for the sporty girl - or really any girl. Or boy. These sneakers were made in sneaker heaven. 
  5. Dainty necklace for the girl who has it all - this delicate piece is the perfect addition to any woman's jewelry collection.
  6. Cozy throw for the homebody - beautiful throw perfect for cuddling on the couch!
  7. Cookbook for the chef - this beauty features simple meals and breathtaking photography.
  8. Hat for the person who doesn't enjoy doing their hair - there's a reason this is still my favorite hat. Many reasons, actually. Not having to do my hair is just one of them.  
  9. Candle for the secret santa/person you don't really know - candles are universally nice. Especially nice ones. 
Hand salve, perfume, necklace, throw, cookbook, hat, and candle are all makers product that are available for purchase in Lou & Grey stores! Check out this gorgeous gift guide made by Lou & Grey for more of their goodies! All items are available in store - check out these posts (here and here) for more on the Natick store! Search here to see if there's one near you!

Shop any items in this post using the links in the text or below, or if you're in the area, pop in to the Lou & Grey in the Natick Mall! Thanks to L&G for sponsoring this post!


  1. Laura! Where can I find that pillow + throw?

    1. The pillow and throw are both available in the Lou & Grey store in the Natick Mall! Unfortunately I can't find them online!

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