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October 17, 2014

Sling Diaries: On Bliss

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing few (ok, a lot) of photos from our trip to Shelburne Farm last weekend, and a letter to Liv on this month's Sling Diary topic of bliss. Read the rest of my entries here, and check out all the other amazing Sling Diarists here!

Dearest Liv,

"Wherever you are, be all there."

This my sweet girl, is how you find bliss. It's hard to come by, this bliss, not because it isn't always there for us to find, but because the busyness of the everyday drowns it out. Be present in what you are doing, whether it be work or relaxation, and you will find focus. This focus will allow you to think clearly and work efficiently, but more importantly, it will allow you to experience the blissful moments. For me it's watching you play and laugh out loud, or watching you muster up all your effort to stack blocks, my heart beating with pride and my face beaming with joy. It's the hugs and pats on the back you give me when we reunite, or your little hand rubbing my arm or playing with my necklace as you nurse. It's laughing with your dad. It's feeling accomplished at work. For me bliss is so many things. 

I like to think about what will bring you bliss. Right now it's blueberry muffins, or your apples - I'm giggling now at the site of you closing your eyes in enjoyment and saying "mmm!" It's finding a perfect acorn, or being up on your daddy's shoulders. Maybe it's even our hug when we reunite, too. I hope you'll get to experience many blissful moments. The important thing to remember is to not let the hustle and bustle and stress and mess of the everyday dull the sparkle of the blissful moments. 

Wherever you are be all there. 

Love always,

I'm wearing a burgundy cardigan (similar here), a grey v-neck tee (here), JustUSA jeans (similar here), Wayfarer sunglasses (similar here), H&M Chelsea boots (exact here - and for less than $35!, amazing real leather ones here, way more than $35 lol), and Liv in my Sakura Bloom linen sling in Maple.

Liv is wearing a Sherbert Lane bow (here), Gap top (here), Carters jeggings (here), and Mocassins (similar here).

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