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October 3, 2014

Have a Great Weekend!

Sharing a few of the things that really have me feeling like it's fall! 

This tote bag is quickly becoming my favorite - it holds everything, the straps are sturdy and comfortable, and it just feels cozy! I've also pulled out one of my favorite sweaters from my closet. My Moleskine professional notebook is doing a great job of holding all of the projects I'm juggling right now, I love it! The photo on the right (via) does a good job of showing what the inside of the notebook looks like! 

Liv is loving fall too. She's obsessed with acorns and our walks near our house are a constant game of her picking them up and me grabbing them out of her mouth. The other day she even snuck one in her shirt! Getting her dressed for fall has been fun too. This bow was a gift from my sister but I'm loving the fall patterns of headwraps from this etsy shop

I'm obsessed with making apple and pear chips. So much so that I take pictures to make a post on how to make them only to eat them all when they come out of the oven. But this is how you make them if you want to try this weekend! 


  1. I'm going apple picking this weekend, so it's the perfect time for those delicious chips!!


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