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September 6, 2014

Hello September

Hello all and happy September! Hope you're all having wonderful weekends. Just wanted to share a few pictures from the last week - it's been a busy one! Liv started daycare (a big change for us that will definitely take some getting used to), N started classes for his public policy degree, and I'm back in lab for the month. We've been making the most of our evenings and weekends together for sure!

Many of you wanted to know where I got my anatomical heart t-shirt from - it's by Anatomist Apparel - find their store here! Proceeds from each piece of clothing go to different charities - 25% of proceeds from this shirt go to the American Heart Association!

Stay tuned Monday for a post on establishing good study habits for the start of the new school year!


  1. I need some better study habits, because these classes are kicking my butt. Grade wise, I'm on top of my game but its just hard sometimes. She is so adorable! x

  2. I'm absolutely in love with the tshirt! May I ask what size you ordered yours in? I'm debating between ordering the men's version or the women's b/c I like the longer sleeves (men's) but also the lower neckline (women's).

    1. Hi Becky! Thanks! I'm pretty sure I did the women's small :)


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