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April 16, 2014

Spring Mom Uniform

I seriously lived in this outfit the last two weeks. The comfiest jeans that practically feel like sweats, an easy tank for nursing, a soft denim shirt, nude sandals, and big shades. Mom or not this look is too easy not to repeat over and over again. 

And thank you so much for all the post suggestions in the last post! Professional/business chic outfits will definitely be making a comeback very soon - I head back to clinical/hospital rotations in June so no more jeans to work for this girl! Would love to hear any more suggestions in the comments section!


  1. What a great outfit! comfy yet stylish...def a "go to" outfit.

  2. Your blog is great! I'd love to see you post about how the transition into motherhood has/has not changed the way you feel about yourself. I have a 9 month old son and it's still weird to think that I'm a "mom". I've actually become quite obsessed with making sure I don't "look like a mom" (which is why your outfit posts are always appreciated) since having my son despite not being super fashion obsessed prior to becoming a mom. Also, how do you handle the normal worries every mom has coupled with your vast medical knowledge? I work in research and with all I know about rare diseases/genetic defects it's hard not to go crazy when you add that to the normal list of parent worries.

    On a lighter note, any quick and easy everyday makeup tips would be appreciated because you always look flawless and effortless in your pics! Although I think being so pretty to start with helps a lot :)

  3. Hi, Laura! For a medical Mondays post, I would love to see what you think med school essentials are: supplies, clothing pieces, and the weirder things too. I've heard some people suggest iPads all the way down to book stands, so I'd love to see another take on a shopping list so I can start gathering things for the fall.

  4. Love this outfit! You look so natural and happy :)

    I actually started following your blog a few weeks ago and was wondering if you could write about the big transition from second year of med school to clinical rotations.....any tips for incoming 3rd years would be very helpful :)

  5. So so so chic! As always, can't believe you had a baby not too long ago, you look amazing! :)

  6. I love anything you post especially that adorable baby girl. Just keep posting and I'll keep reading.

  7. and what are the brands you are wearing?

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