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April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!

I seriously love when Isabel visits to take pictures of Liv. She travels with her studio and sets up right in your apartment and captures your heart on camera (ie, your little one). The one difficulty, as any of you parents know, is baby couldn't care less who's coming to visit. Take Liv on this gorgeous day for example. She would not nap, and when Isabel came, would not smile! My giggly girl would barely crack a grin! But it's ok. Because what we caught on camera was something just as awesome - Liv discovering something. What you have here, folks, is Liv discovering an easter egg. First she grabs it in disbelief, marvels at the wonder that she actually has in her hands, and then - the final and most definitive mode of discovery - she must taste it. Everything goes straight into the mouth with this one! 

I hope you all have wonderful Easter holidays if you celebrate and found some joy in Liv's 6 month pictures!


  1. Laura, it's been so awesome capturing and following little Liv as she grows. This was definitely my favorite part of the photo session. lol That moment of discovery…so cute!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!
    <3 Isabel

  2. She is so incredibly adorable!

  3. I actually can't say anything other than AWWWWWW I want to squish those cheeks whenever you post photos of miss Liv! my mom and I are both obsessed!
    have a fun Easter :)

  4. She is so perfect. What beautiful shots :)

  5. THAT BOW ON HER HEAD! :) She's just the cutest thing. Hope your week is off to a great start! xo

  6. it's so great that liv will be able to look at these photos/this blog and see so many of her "firsts".
    hope your beautiful little family had a great easter!


  7. I can't get over how adorable she is! Soo pretty!


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