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February 19, 2014

Work It Out

I've hit a work out rut. Maybe it has to do with the two hundred snowstorms we've gotten hit with here in Boston and the four miles I walk everyday to get to the nanny's/work through said snow? {Ok end bitter why-is-it-still-winter rant} Really, though, when I find I'm having a tough time hitting the gym there's nothing like some new gear to get me motivated again.


  1. Love all of these picks! Especially the shoes and bag :)

  2. I know the feeling. Instead of snow, we've had endless rain and wind over here which makes it challenging to get out there and workout. New workout clothes are def motivation to workout.

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  3. Hey! I'm from Massachusetts too :) I've lived in Boston, but I'm currently living as a transplant way out in Vancouver, BC. I hope the snow lets up for you guys soon.

    The Nike sneakers you posted made my jaw drop - I need to get my hands on those, immediately!!

    aka Bailey

  4. New workout gear always gets me pumped to work out, too! :)


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