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February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Just a few shots from our Valentine's Day dinner. We ate at a beautiful little place with a beautiful view and talked for hours. I swear I must have a thing for ordering the most alive looking thing on the menu. I certainly don't do it on purpose, but somehow I always end up with a little creature who's eyes I can still see! (Like this lobster I didn't  know would be a whole lobster). It was delicious regardless but I had to cover its face hahaha. We were the last diners to leave the restaurant, finishing our meal with fondue for dessert, and then got to come home to the sweetest part of the night - our sleeping Liv! 

I hope you all had lovely days if you celebrate and great weekends even if you don't!!


  1. Oh no! I can't deal with that fish! It's too real!

  2. That is definitely a very lively looking fish, but it still looks delicious! Glad you all had a great Valentine's Day :)

  3. What an awesome V-day. We didnt get to celebrate like we wanted since our baby was just 7days old, but we had an amazing lunch date and we made up for it. glad you had a great time!


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