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February 28, 2014

Morning Light

Happy Friday everyone! Man, what a week it has been! If you follow my instagram, you know Liv was in the hospital for an infection, thankfully we're home now but everything had to get put on pause to tend to my sweetie. I'm so thankful for my boss, co-workers, friends, and family who were all there the second I needed them and helped me focus on getting Liv better. Here's just a few shots before work one morning - finding the time for outfit pics during the week is nearly impossible! I hope you all have had lovely weeks and are excited for the weekend!

Oh yeah, and I cut my hair! I think this is the first time it's on the blog (again, for more regular updates follow along on instagram)!

{Cardigan (similar here), Shirt (similar here), Jeans (similar here), Boots (similar here), Watch (on sale here)}


  1. I love your new short hair!! Glad to hear Liv is doing better!

  2. I actually thought about Liv the whole day after seeing that hospital picture. And then this morning I realized, 'holy geez' the internet makes you attached to so many people you would have never met in real life. Glad to hear the little nugget is okay & you have such a supportive network of people around you. Yay!

  3. Hair looks great! so glad your bebe is doing better. I thought my heart would break when Joe was sick earlier this month, but that was only a cold so I can’t imagine having to take her to the hospital :(

  4. Lovely photos !! You look great and I'm glad that Liv is doing a lot better :)

  5. I like your hair short like that. it looks really nice.

  6. loooove the "lob" - it looks great on you.
    and i'm sure i speak for everyone when i say i'm happy liv is doing better!


  7. Laura you have the most adorable baby on this earth!!!..I almost always tear up staring at your instagram photos..i happen to be a super stalker and liv's adorable face isnt making things any easier


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