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January 17, 2014

Baby Products for a Small Space

When we found out we were pregnant with Liv we immediately started looking for a 2 bedroom apartment. All babies need their own nursery, right? When we soon realized the up-front costs of moving were just a little too much to feel "worth it," we decided we'd make it work in our little one bedroom for the first year (and boy is it little - the rent on the other hand, is not.) Four months in and we still feel like we've got plenty of room, and we have a few of these products to thank for helping prevent the inevitable baby takeover that happens in all homes with new kiddos. 

  1. Summer Infant Resting Up Portable Napper - This little bouncer has been awesome these first few months - Liv loves hanging out in it and watching what I'm doing, and it's so light that I just carry it with me from room to room. The best part is that it folds flat when I'm not using it so we can keep it hidden under the couch!
  2.  DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib - I never realized how colossal cribs were until I went "shopping" for things for my baby shower registry. Holy cow why are they so big! This mini crib was so perfect for our room and Liv gets to sleep right next us.
  3. Puj Flyte - Liv had her first bath in this beautifully crafted little bath and we just now (at 4 months) stopped using it because she's getting a little too big for baths in the sink. But this tub was amazing - it folds completely flat and fit in the tiniest little unused space next to our sink.
  4. Wooden Hamper - We keep a hamper just like this one in a corner of our living room and use it to store our boppy pillow, activity mat, blankets, and bigger toys. It's all out of sight when we're not using it!
  5. Spinning Drying Rack - I love this drying rack. After I've sanitized my bottles and other bits I put them on this rack that I keep on top of the fridge. A great space-saver compared to other racks I've seen. 
  6. KidCo Go Pod - This is our newest addition to the apartment, and Liv loves it! We can attach all of her favorite toys to it and swap them as they change, then fold it up (sort of like a lawn chair) to go to the park (at least that's my plan once it's warmer!), to abuela's house, or to store it away. 
  7. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym - This is still one of Liv's favorite, and mine too. It easily disassembles - the arches lie straight and I just keep in a corner by the curtains (barely noticeable), and the mat I keep in the hamper. 
Any products you've used that help save space? Of course, the best "space saving" product is no product at all!! But these have been sort of essential ;)


  1. Thanks on the wooden hamper idea. I love your blog!

  2. I love the portable napper! My Best Friend's Sister's having a baby shower soon and most of her Registry has been filled up! This will make a great gift!

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