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December 9, 2013

The Simplest Gift

If you follow my Instagram you know I love babywearing. What is it exactly? Well, just walking around with your baby on, basically the best thing ever. I have both an Ergo carrier and a Solly Baby wrap - the latter being my go to pretty much every day (I professed my love for my wrap in my gift guide here). And as if I need any more reason to love my wrap for keeping my baby close, Solly Baby is keeping the right thing in mind this holiday season and keeping my perspective. During these times we get into the swing of gift giving and gift guide making with sparkly goodies and gadgets, but what if the only thing on your gift guide was a supply of diapers? I'm thankful that I can afford enough diapers for Ms. Liv, but they aren't cheap and she goes through them like crazy! Not everyone has the luxury to change a diaper every time their child soils it (and to think that this is a luxury in our country is incredibly sad but all too true for many families). I'm partnering with Solly Baby this season for their Deck the Halls with Diapers campaign - for every purchase from now until the 15th, Solly Baby will donate a package of diapers in your name to local charities that get them to the families that need them. Get yours today and help a baby with one of the simplest of gifts. 


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