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December 4, 2013

Gift Guide Week: The Momma-To-Be

Happy Wednesday! We're continuing gift guide week with something for the momma-to-be! And i mean something actually for her, not the baby. Too often mom gets forgotten too early - before baby arrives, she deserves all the attention! After, that will change ;)

  1. Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit (here) - I absolutely loved all three of these products throughout my pregnancy, she is sure to as well. They're on the pricier side, but this way she can pick her favorite and get the full size later!
  2. BumpNest Pregnancy Pillow (here) - Sleep later in the pregnancy becomes harder and harder, this pillow was just what I needed in the last few months to make sleeping feel heavenly again (read more about my experience with it here!)
  3. Ugg Ansley slippers (here) - Every woman is going to have her most troubled area during pregnancy - for some it's their back, for others it's their hips, for me it was my feet. Cozy slippers like these would be a dream to slip into.
  4. Labor & Delivery Kit (here) - A cute little kit for that long-awaited day, complete with slipper socks, chapstick, hair ties, and all the other stuff you're likely to forget in your hospital bag. 
  5. Lily Jade Madeline bag (here) - With all the pockets you could ever imagine, it works as a tote, a hospital bag, and later the perfect diaper bag! Plus you can wear it as a shoulder bag, messenger, or backpack!
  6. Sexy maternity jeans (here) - Show off your new curves in a great pair of jeans. Asos Maternity was my go-to for well-priced and stylish maternity clothes.
  7. Blanqi Belly Support Tank (here) - Loved loved loved this as my belly grew. Supports the extra weight, covers unbuttoned pants or exposed skin from shirts that are a little too short, just get one.
  8. MAC lipstick in Russian Red (here) - I kept my makeup to the bare minimum when I was pregnant, but when I wanted to feel dressy I threw on a swipe of lipstick - this shade is perfect for winter and the holidays.
  9. Cashmere Robe (here) - A robe will fit your pre-preggo body and grow with your bump; pack it in your hospital bag (my robe was so much nicer to be in than those hospital gowns, but it definitely wasn't cashmere!), and you will live in it the first few weeks nursing your newborn. Definitely a worthwhile investment.
  10. Bliss Spa Giftcard (here) - Book a "Great Expectations" prenatal massage and whatever other spa service you'd like, it's well-deserved!
Another great gift idea? Dates. And lots of them. Date nights will be a lot less spontaneous when baby arrives, so go on lots of dates! A Datevitation book is a great way to spend more time together! Get your chance to win one below! Making one? Use code LACQUER10 for $10 off your purchase and make sure to order by December 13 for guaranteed delivery by Christmas!
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  1. You have some really good lists! I love the one for the guys. It's rare that I actually see a list of items I actually think are nice lol. And I totally agree with the red lipstick. Some days I just wear it to make myself feel a little special when my pregnancy glow is nowhere to be found ;)


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