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December 31, 2013

Au Revoir, 2013

2013, you've been the most amazing year yet. Here are just a few of my favorite moments of the year:

ringing in the new year with N/ our impromptu getaway to St. Thomas/ positive pregnancy test! (x2)/ snowstorm/ working with the neonatologists (terrifying while pregnant, btw)/ big brunches/ hms ball/ fancy shmancy dinners/ those precious ultrasounds/ st. patty's day/ hikes/ newport trip/ radiology/ n spilling the beans to the boys (and them deciding we immediately had to go to the baby store)/ sharing the big news with you all/ our end of 3rd year rotations celebration/ medicine sub-i (and baby gifts from the nurses!)/ finding out "it's a girl!" on mother's day/ beach trips/ grilling/ movie at fenway/ baby shower/ maine trip/ maternity shoot/ cape cod trip/ "last" date night sans the babysitter requirement/ Liv's debut!!/ newborn cuddles/ crisp walks around the pond/ babywearing/ my mama becoming abuela/ my little lion on her first halloween/ N's birthday/ Liv's first shots/ taking (and passing!!) Step 2 and paper getting published/ Thanksgiving/ snow/ hks ball/ baby's first Christmas - what a year ❤


  1. What an incredible year you've had!!! I can feel all the happiness and positive energy just looking at these photos! wish you and your little family a happy new year :)

  2. these photos really do showcase what an amazing year 2013 was for you and your growing family.
    all the best in 2014!

  3. such a beautiful year for you & your family! wishing you all the best in the new year! xx

  4. I'm getting so many feelz right now!! <3

  5. So excited for all you have to come in 2014 Laura! Wishing you only the best and lots and lots of continued success :)


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