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November 6, 2013

Night Out in Camo

Hi all! Just sharing a simple night out look from when N and I went dancing a couple weekends ago! These (crappy) pics were taken as soon as we got back to our apartment... my hair is messed up, I'm missing an earring, and N clearly couldn't focus the camera... all signs point to a great night out!


  1. Love the outfit and just lol to the rest! and yes it does all point to a great night out which is all that matters anyway :)

  2. You look lovely. Where did you go if I may ask. I've been looking for somewhere nice (not a club) for my husband and I to go to in Boston
    k at

  3. Love the camo! Super cute and laid back look.


  4. You were missing an earring? Yep, definitely a great night! LOL!

  5. Great outfit!! I love your shirt!!



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