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November 1, 2013

Goodbye October!

Man, where did this month go? It feels like just yesterday I was welcoming September! Probably has something to do with a little girl who keeps me busy all day, a big exam coming up, and just a dash of sleep deprivation ;) 

Thank goodness for my phone and all of the annoying pictures I snap throughout the day; when I do get downtime I can look back and actually remember the amazing things that happen on a daily basis. I am constantly wondering how I got so lucky ❤️

I hope you all had amazing Octobers and are ready for November! Time for the holidays now! And if you haven't yet and want to, make sure to enter my LuckyPalmTree giveaway for some adorable baby gear, and my Dansko giveaway for a trusty pair of clogs


  1. been loving your photos! That little girl is just the cutest, love the photo of her and her dad! she just looks so concerend haha

  2. love this photo collage!
    and, that photo of little olivia in her halloween onesie is too cute.
    she has a great smile!


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