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October 11, 2013

Stripes and Bubbles

Happy Friday!! Just sharing another easy outfit I wore for a day of doctor's appointments Liv and I had! So happy the temperatures are dropping enough for me to throw on my over-the-knee boots again! Sadly I'll be having to go back to the doctor's next week (actually the dentist) - all week I have had horrible tooth pain and found out one of my wisdom tooth has partially erupted and is infected aaand likely has an abscess (can you tell by my beautifully swollen right side of my face?)! I've diagnosed myself with pericoronitis and an associated pericoronal abscess -thanks to Dr. Google of course - don't tell my dental friends I'm over here throwing dental diagnoses around! (at HMS the dental students take the same first two years of medical school so we're all good friends). Anyway, send wishes for pain relief over the weekend my way pretty please? xx

Marshalls striped sweater (similar here), American Apparel leggings (similar here), Charlotte Russe boots (similar here), Boutique crossbody (similar here), Gap sunglasses (similar here), Urban Peach Boutique necklace (here)


  1. I think dental pain is the absolute worst! I recently had an ear infection and tmj flare-up at the same time, and it seriously shut down my life for about 4 days. I thought I had an abscessed tooth, and I couldn't eat, drink anything cold, or function. I hope you feel better soon. That striped sweater you're wearing is super cute! I've been looking for stripes lately, I guess I'll have to stop in at Marshall's and see what they've got in my neck of the woods.

  2. how do the dental kids feel about having to learn everything you guys have to learn? Were they ever like "dude, don't care about the tendons in your foot, teach me some dental plexuses please!"

  3. Franziska, first-year student at Columbia Dental here. Yes, sometimes it's really hard to motivate yourself to study, like, the lumbricals and interossei, but I'm happy that having a full medical education gives us the respect that some people don't really have for dentists as sort of the "lesser" doctors.

  4. I love those boots, and I hope you feel better!!

  5. That necklace is super cute ! I never would have thought to pair it with a striped sweater like that :) love it

  6. Love the necklace.. i am so into light sweaters right now too :) I am now following you via google friend connect.

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  7. I can't believe your boots are from Charlotte Russe. I never find anything good there!

  8. gorgeous casual look; love your OTK boots!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera, Sahra

  9. Great blog! Love your outfit!

    -Blush Bazaar

  10. i wish you had a charlotte russe in canada.
    those boots are fab!



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