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September 13, 2013

Push Present

If you're like me, this is the first time you've heard of this so-called "push present." Otherwise maybe you think I've been living under a rock? According to Wikipedia, it's "a present a father gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child." Not going to lie... it sounds sort of silly ("that's a scam for rich people" was my immediate reaction). I mean, isn't the push present well, the healthy baby? But this push present thing is for real, so I figured why not come up with a few things that would be nice after pushing that baby out (or having it cut it out, that's no fun either). For a real, almost-wish-I-didn't-read-that list of things you will actually need for after pushing baby out, check out this awesome post by 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic. But now for the fun stuff - push present ideas from realistic to total fantasy.

  • Jewelry: Google image search "push present" and most of what you'll see is jewelry. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of diamond studs, or you can make it even more special and get a necklace with your new baby's initial - I'm loving this Maya Brenner "O" necklace for baby Olivia. 
  • Mani/Pedi: Nothing like giving mama the chance for some "me" time (which can really just mean watching the baby so she can enjoy a shower), but take it a step above and offer to watch the baby while she enjoys a mani/pedi on you. Mom, go with this Essie polish in Glamour Purse.
  • Housecleaning: If you've got the time and are short on funds, offer to keep the house clean for a month or two (you can use these awesome Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products), or even better, get her a gift card for a few cleanings from a professional house cleaner. Here in Boston I've had great experiences with Homejoy
  • A new bag: It's no secret we love our bags, get her the one she's been wanting but (responsibly) putting off for baby expenses. Bonus if it's one that can actually fit baby's stuff in it too - a chic diaper bag! I would actually be upset if N spent this much money on a bag like this Miranda Studded Tote, but it is gorgeous, isn't it?
  • First family vacation: Book a trip for your now +1 family and enjoy some time away. The cherry on top would be this GiGi New York Passport case.
  • A new TV: Go ahead and be that guy, it's ok. With all the time that mom will be spending at home with baby, you both will appreciate a new flat screen like this Samsung 40 inch HDTV. Unless of course you're the type of family that doesn't watch TV. Then this would be a horrible idea. 
So what do you think of this "push present" idea? I'd love to hear! Happy Friday!


  1. I just heard about this for the first time recently too, and had the same reaction as you lol I think the the "O" initial necklace is such a sweet gift.

  2. Great choices :-) The necklace is my favorite - but I think a month of housecleaning would also be just as worth it ;-) Can't wait to see baby O!!

  3. This is my first time ever hearing about a push present although I do think it's a cute idea. Personally, I'd love the offer to clean. LOL! Oh, and that MK bag in gray.

  4. I got a push presents for both of our kiddos... Both jewelry with a charm that symbolized our family growing :-) You are right, the healthy baby is the ultimate push present but it's nice to be rewarded for your hard work with some hardware too hahaha

  5. No push present for me for d1 or D2. I finally asked for one for baby D3 born last week. Can't wait for my sapphire ring to come next week!
    I love your push present list! Good luck on baby O. She's coming soon!

  6. I got a push present from my hubby, though it was also a combination Valentine's Day gift. It was diamond earrings from Tiffany! They are in a cute flower pattern, a little different. I wasn't expecting anything, so it was a big shock!

    Thanks for linking to my post! Good luck with baby and I hope you don't have to spend 3 hours pushing to get that present (like I did! I didn't realize until later how long it had been!)

  7. Love them all!

    Thank you for linking up with Friday's Fab Favorites!

    Lauren xx

  8. I just saw your tweet! I'd respond, but my page is private so you'd never see it lol Congratulations on baby Olivia! You and N are going to be GREAT parents!

  9. I actually got the LOVE Cartier bracelet...which is a little extravagant BUT it's really like an heirloom piece.
    I hope to one day give it to little Mia :)

  10. First, congrats to you & N!!! Baby Olivia is going to be so loved!! I love this post; maybe I'll get a Push Present when it's my time. :-) I hope you're doing well. XO!


  11. I love the nail color. So perfect but not as plain as nude. (I found you while searching new blogs on Bloglovin!)

    Kate from Clear the Way


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