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September 6, 2013

On getting dressed

Simple outfit I wore for work and my 38 week appointment. My OB still can't believe that I come into each appointment "dressed;" I want to tell her I can't believe some women come in not dressed, but I get it, pregnancy is hard. After my time working on OB during clinical rotations it has definitely not escaped me that I've been blessed with a relatively easy pregnancy - add a positive outlook and no toddlers at home to care for like many expectant moms have and getting "dressed" can still be something I can put a tiny bit of thought into. I'm also the type who gets dressed when I'm sick because it makes me feel better, so carrying baby girl isn't gonna force me out the house in sweats! Inside, of course, is a different story ;)

JCPenney top (similar here), Old Navy cargo vest (similar on sale here), Old Navy maternity jeans (here), Calvin Klein Modena tote (here), Aldo flats (similar here), Relic watch (here), Tan leather bracelet c/o Inpinkstyle (here, make sure to use the code LAURALACQUER30 for 30% off of your order all this month!)

Happy weekend!!


  1. I have no potato cooking in the oven but when that times comes, I will aspire to get dressed everyday just like you! I remember when you first posted about your pregnancy and can't believe how much time has passed! Baby Liv is almost here!!! I'm sure she will be as gorgeous as you and the hubby are :)

  2. You look beautiful...:)

  3. Love the outfit! You look adorable, and I always hope that when/if I'm pregnant I will get dressed everyday just the same. I work many days from home and still get dressed, so I have a lot of practice. Hopefully all that practice plays out when pregnant too!

  4. you look so chic with your baby bump! props for getting dressed so stylishly and i like your parka vest and striped top

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  6. Love the outfit.. I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and fell upon your blog last week and have not stopped checking in! You are an inspiration and I love all your outfits. I went yesterday to find the old navy maternity jeans that you had posted a few weeks back!! So happy with my purchase.. Thank you :-)

    Also I have decided to create a blog to share my finds too - whether it be clothing or baby stuff as well because I found yours to be so helpful and I wish to do that for others as well..

  7. Agreed about getting dressed up just to feel good. Luckily my doc thinks it's a good idea too especially while I'm growing this bump. Looking great!

    Indulgera Blog

  8. You look awesome in this outfit...lovvvve it. I am currently looking for a jacket like that, but with sleeves.

    Cheers :).

  9. You look amazing! You're all belly!
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  10. You look amazing! Congrats! Love your blog and I follow you on instagram :))


  11. I love that you're a stylish momma! Definitely inspiring. You may have advantages with having an easy pregnancy and no toddlers at home, but it'd be too easy to stop putting in effort into getting dressed still.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Just found your blog through Instagram. Congrats on your baby girl! I hope when I am pregnant I look as beautiful and stylish as you do. :)

    Style of One's Own

  13. You look amazing! I definitely have a lot of respect for you. It was hard getting dressed and keeping up a style blog a month ago when I was pregnant. But you are rocking it. Hope these last few weeks are good for you!

  14. You are unbelievably adorable! Love this outfit and the baby bump I bet your soo excited!

  15. Cutest outfit!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx


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