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August 19, 2013

Maternity Shoot pt 2!

Happy Monday! How were your weekends? I thankfully had a quiet one and was able to do lots of cleaning/organizing/napping around the apartment and try out a few new restaurants with N and friends. The highlight was that N's best friend was able to surprise him and throw him a guy's baby shower! We were so worried he wasn't going to fall for it but he did (mwah hahaha)! The most amazing part of it all was that all the boy's chipped in and started a college fund for baby girl - N and I were completely awe-struck! We love you guys! Last week we also got the rest of the pics from our maternity shoot - it was so hard to even pick which ones to share (see the first few photos I shared here)! 

Isabel of iSweet Photography did such an amazing job with these!! I was so surprised we actually had some without our faces scrunched up laughing (that's how we spent the entire shoot!). We got lucky that the evening we shot our Harvard Medical School quad was practically empty too! I can't wait for her to capture some of Olivia's first photos. 


  1. omg, the one with the stethoscope! too cute. I love that you had a way of incorporating your educational background/meeting into these without getting cheesy. congrats, these are so beautiful!

  2. Your your photos are soooo beautiful! I love that you're in the Boston area too because now I know who to hire when the time comes! xoxo

  3. You both look so happy! Have a great and smooth remainder of your pregnancy! Congrats again

  4. your pictures are beautiful! Congrats on your marriage and new bundle of joy! :)

  5. YOU GUYS ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!! amazing photos!

  6. Beautiful!!
    I wish I had done this...but thankfully I have my blog to look back at and chronicle all my looks and growing belly shots ;)

  7. These photos are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! You are stunning and what a wonderful thing for his friends to do (the shower AND college fund!!!!!) You both look like such wonderful people and clearly deserve great things xo

    Hope to see you tonight but if I do not, I will know why (and be excited for you both!!!!) Happy 9 months Laura!

  8. You guys are perfect. LOVE the stethoscope one- you can just see how happy he is! So good to see you last night lady, sending you all the best!!


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