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August 9, 2013

Denim on Denim

Or the Canadian Tuxedo, as connoisseurs like to call it.
This chambray top is seriously one of my favorites. Of course, I can't button it anymore (the last time I could was here), but thankfully this type of shirt can easily be worn cardigan style! It will continue to be a favorite as I start planning my "post-baby" fall wardrobe, maybe a darker denim will be better for fall?

Forever 21 chambray top (similar here), Old Navy maternity jeans (here), J. crew vintage tee (here), BCBG flats via Marshall's (similar here), thrifted Dooney and Bourke bag (on ebay here), Relic gold watch (here)

Hope you all have lovely weekends!! N and I are headed off to the Cape for another mini-escape before baby girl arrives!


  1. Newbiefan again. I know, I know. So early in the morning! I happen to be my own alarm clock+ early morning gal. I'm on my MCAT break for sanity purposes. So, I just HAD to stop by again before I resume studying.
    Yea, I agree you could try a darker denim for the fall. Hope Cape with N and the baby was great! I love how effortless your fashion is. It's pretty ridiculous in a good way! I love how everything in the picture above are in sync. The nails, bag, even book cover match the flats.
    I love how you are repping Marshall's in your looks. I love that store! It is not as popular as it should be down here.
    When you have time, please keep the posts flowing.

  2. Crazy about those flats, way cute! These photos are great overall!

  3. Love your maternity style! You look so relaxed.;-)

  4. Aw! I know that you don't know me but I just wanted to say that I really love your blog. You proved to me that you can bring a bit of your style to your work outfits. And even now with your bundle of joy on the way you are still killin' it :)
    Ta for sharing a sliver of your days with us!

    Mo x


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