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July 8, 2013

5 Photo Editing Apps I Love

Instagram is definitely one of my favorite social networking apps - so much fun just scrolling through pretty images and interacting through "liking" photos with the ease of a double tap. With viewing apps like Padgram it gets even better on my iPad. One thing I love is learning about photo editing apps - I love playing with pics and as great as Instagram is, their filters are a little limiting. Check out some of my Fourth of July pics then scroll below to hear about five of my favorites and how I use them!

Picfx ($1.99) -My default photo editing app. Has dozens of filter options plus some of my favorite lighting effects like different types of bokeh (the little light sparkles - see example in my top and middle left pics) and light leaks (top left corner in the pic of Max). Super easy and super addictive, although I will sadly admit that it has been crashing lately which has never happened before... hopefully they will
fix this because I love this app.

Big Lens ($0.99) - Allows you to add depth to your pictures (or blur things out) by selectively focusing on the areas you highlight. Also has fun filters and lens options, although I mainly use it for the focusing feature.

Afterlight ($0.99) - Quickly becoming one of my faves, this app is a little more advanced in its editing options and takes a bit of playing around with to get used to. But I love that you can adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, etc of a pic on your phone, add cool filters, and my favorite, add fun borders (the heart border in the bottom left pic).

A Beautiful Mess ($0.99) - Gaining lots of popularity, this app is really simple and perfect for adding a bit of fun to your pics with scribbled hearts, pretty borders, and lovely text (used for the bottom right pic). So much fun!

PicFrame ($0.99) - A simple app that allows you to make square size photo collages ranging from 2 to 9 pictures. You can adjust the size of each image within the collage meaning you aren't locked in to how the app crops or adjusts your photos.

So there you have it! Five of my favorites! Would love to hear what you all use!

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