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June 28, 2013

Stripes and Scars

I have been without internet all week and finally lugged my laptop to work to actually be able to share a post with you all! I've been going crazy! Today I'm just sharing a casual weekend outfit perfect for a super hot day in Boston (those of you in the area know the last few days have been scorchers!)
JCPenney top (similar here), Asos Maternity cut-offs (here), Target sandals (similar here), thrifted Dooney and Bourke bag (currently on ebay here), Mauii Jim sunglasses (here), gold watch (similar here

And on another note… one of my favorite things to learn about people is where their scars are from. Scar stories I call them, and you learn so much about people (especially their childhood, which is where many of us accumulate the majority of our scars). 

Not sure if you've noticed before but I have a huge scar on the back of my right thigh. I used to hate it, hide it. But now it's a part of me, as cliche as that may sound. It was from a large congenital nevus (a big birthmark or mole) that had to be removed because of its' malignant potential (the chance that it could turn into cancer). 

And with this mini scar story and these hot summer days, it's a perfect time to mention SUN PROTECTION!!! As much as I enjoy the sun and the beach and the lake and all the glory that comes with these things, remember that they are always to be enjoyed while wearing SPF! The official recommendation is SPF of 15 or greater, but I always like to wear SPF 50 or more. 
Here are a few other tips for sun protection:
  • Make sure to apply before you head out (at least 15 minutes). Not only does it work better, but it sucks rubbing in sand as you apply your sunblock. 
  • Make sure you apply enough sunblock! Most people don't actually apply enough to cover all of their skin; if you think you might be skimping, you are! Really massage that stuff in ;)
  • Don't forget lip balm with SPF! Nothing worse than sunburnt lips (and skin cancer can form there too!)
  • Wear protective clothing like a great panama hat or flowy coverup to better protect your skin, and don't be ashamed to hang out in the shade! Especially midday (between 10 and 2) when the sun hits us the hardest!
And with all of that said, go and enjoy your weekends!! Thank you as always for stopping by! Hopefully next week internet will be back to normal and posts will be more frequent!

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  1. you look great ! i hope my legs are still that toned when i get pregnant some day lol


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