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May 3, 2013

A Little Bit of... Baby!

Happy Friday! Those of you who follow me on Instagram have known for a while now, but it's time I officially announce it on the blog - I'm expecting!! (and engaged! but the baby bump is a little cooler than the ring).
I've been wanting to share news of this blessing since we found out back in January (while I was on my pediatrics rotation and thinking I had recurrent norovirus infections - thanks morning sickness), but being the doctors-in-training we are and knowing all of the things that can go wrong we wanted to be on the safe side and wait a while to spill the beans.

I'm now in my 20th week (halfway there!) and N and I couldn't be happier. Last week marked the end of third year medical school - I got through all of our clinical rotations and am now left with some free time and lots of planning to fill it with. What specialty am I going to go into? What will we name baby? Will we find a decently priced 2 bedroom in Boston?

I couldn't be more amazed by the support we've gotten from family, friends, and even our medical school, and of course you all!
So happy that you're all along for the rest of the ride now! For more updates make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

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  1. Yesssss! So happy for you Laura (note the name change from The Paleo Project).. You look beautiful and your baby bump is perfect

  2. How very exciting!! Congrats Laura!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Awwwwwwww, beautiful!

  4. Eeep congratulations lady!! So very happy for you, wishing the THREE of you the best! xox

  5. Wow...congrats girl! I'm also 20 weeks along! And sooo excited. You look beautiful, by the way. The baby bump looks great on you. ;) Will be following your journey on Instagram.

    xo Angela

  6. Congrats Laura!!! Wishing you nothing but happiness on your next chapter :)

    With Love,

  7. Oh my goodness Laura!! So freakin' exciting! Congrats to you both. You are going to make one stylish mamma :)
    xo - Marion

  8. OMG Congratulations, Laura! That's such exciting news!

  9. Awww congratulations!!! So happy for you both :)


  10. OMG!!! That is so exciting!! :) Congratulations to you and N!! You are gonna be an amazing momma! :)

    - Sukhi

  11. Congrats! Do you know what you are having?

  12. Aww wow! Congratulations XD

  13. new blog reader here, and I'm super excited to have found you because I'm about to apply to medical school this upcoming cycle! plus blog-land is so full of event planners and photographers and the like, so it's always nice to find another science-y lady out there. :) anyway, congratulations on the exciting news! and best of luck with the whole having-a-baby-while-finishing-med-school thing! I know fourth year gives you a more flexible schedule, but still you have got to be a busy lady!

  14. Congrats!!! What a wonderful blessing for you & your fiance. I'm a regular blog reader, I just don't comment. Of course in light of your wonderful news I had to comment.

  15. Congrats on both pieces of big news! That ring is beautiful, & I know that baby will be even more so. :)

  16. that ring is gorgeous and im soooo happy for you! congrats with everything!!


    instagram: @christeeney

  17. Oh my GOODNESS! This is all so exciting! I spy a bump and a ring, and I know that it's MAy which means your third year is almost over! CONGRATULATIONS!


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