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March 23, 2013

Gold Tip Manicure

Happy weekend everyone!!!
I'm so happy the sun is shining and I'm having a productive day, couldn't ask for more!
Last night I had a relaxing Friday evening and had some Laura-pampering time
here is the new manicure I came up with!
As I type this just looking at my nails makes me so happy!
The polishes I used: 
a clear no chip polish by Sally Hansen, 
and a fine gold glitter and chunky gold sequin polish by Milani 
(all available at awesome prices at CVS).
The photo I put up on Instagram last night.
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  1. Oh my goodness, that's adorable! I need to go invest in some new nail polishes!

  2. I love this look!!! So fabulous and sparkly chic ;)

  3. Really pretty and simple too, I must try this!

    Luxx Mint

  4. im TOTALLY doing this! my fave post of the day. thanks! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this manicure! It looks easy enough that even I could do it....

  6. got you on the blog you will be hot maama


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