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November 12, 2012

Simple and Thrifted

Happy Monday everyone! 
Sweater and Jeans, thrifted @ Goodwill (similar here, here and here)
Boots, DSW (here)
Bag, Target (similar here)

Did you get a chance to check out my fall half moon nail tutorial I posted yesterday? Sadly I've already had to remove it because you can't wear nail polish into the operating room, but I enjoyed my gorgeous manicure while it lasted!

PS - Work it Wednesday WILL be happening this Wednesday so get your work looks ready and share them with us! As always thanks for reading.


  1. I am in love with the simplicity of your outfit its so nice and clean! THe leopard print really does it an extra pop.
    Gorgeous , darling!
    love your style

    ♡ candace from [ aphrodite blue ]

  2. I love the bag and boots <3

    Lea x

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  3. Simple and gorgeous!

    Loved the half moon tutorial- now just need to find the time! :)

    xx Lynzy

  4. LOVE that sweater and the darling little boots!

  5. LOVE your sweater and your bag, so cute :)

  6. I absolutely love your style. It seems so simple yet elegant at the same time. Oh and most of all- comfortable lool :D x

  7. Love the boots and the bag! I hate it when work comes in the way of fashion...haha. I can't wear lipstick when I'm playing my clarinet...sad...

  8. Such a cute comfy look...I like!

  9. loved the half-moon. I didn't do it but it was a great idea.Love bloggers. Sorry you had to take them off, and if it makes you feel better,your hands looked lovely when you had them on.

  10. you look great, I love your sweater. If you get a moment, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest blog post.

    Xo, Kelsey

  11. You look so pretty :) such a simple outfit but I love how everything works together. I also love your photos your background and how you've taken them!
    I'm also so sad that I can't wear nail polish to the hospital either :(

  12. Love that sweater... So cozy! Don't you love Goodwill finds? Stopping by from WIWW!

  13. loving the sweater. it is pretty amazing! xo annalizbeth

  14. Another simple, stylish look. You look great. :)

  15. That's a pretty sweet outfit, especially considering that you got most of it from Goodwill! I guess I don't shop at the right Goodwill...

  16. Love this outfit...especially that bag! Super cute!


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