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October 15, 2012

Pumpkins and Exams

Just a few snapshots from my weekend - or really from my Sunday evening. Saturday was spent working in the Emergency Room, and most of Sunday was spent trying to study for this Surgery Shelf (our big exam at the end of each clerkship). Sunday evening was spent out eating and watching the Pats game, and finally spray-painting my little pumpkin gold :) 
I hope you all spent your weekends the way you wanted and are ready for another week! I'm looking forward to being done with this exam today and then checking lots off of my to-do list!


  1. Good luck on your test! That little pumpkin is so cute!

  2. Hope your shelf went well! I don't even take them, but hate when fiance has to study for them

  3. Looks like fun! Hope the exam went well! :) Love your little gold pumpkin! Happy Monday!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  4. I love those boots and the gold pumpkin!

  5. You live your life so well. It's really inspiring for an ambitious, sedulous college student like myself. So, thank you.

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