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October 1, 2012

Loungewear: All Black

For some reason "fashion" bloggers never dress down; good thing I'm not a fashion blogger. Most of my outfits are more dressed down in their simplicity, but I don't think I've yet shared a picture of me in sweats. So I apologize for the iphone pics, but I wasn't planning on taking pics of this look at all! As an aside, in these photos I'm also deep conditioning my hair with coconut oil and just pulled it up in a top knot to run errands! I'm all about multitasking ;) 
Tank, rainbow (similar here)
Sweatpants, Banana Republic (similar here)
Cardigan, F21 (similar here)
Flats, Marshalls (similar here)
Bag, gift (similar here)

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are ready for a lovely week! 


  1. I love your iphone pics beautiful, they had the feeling of being in a dream to them. Even when running errands you look fabulous. I love reading peoples blogs, and yours is fabulous. I hope everything is going well with you joggling life school and a blog, all the best wishes. Cant wait to read more.

  2. Thank you so much for showing "reality". No one is "dressed" 100% of the time. Even in your lounging/running errands wear, you do it well.

  3. Hi Laura!
    Recently I started to read your blog and I must say, it is love at first sight!! I love how you handle your life, being a medical student at Harvard must be pretty time consuming and still you have time for the blog and to do fun stuff in the weekends!! Really great :-D!!
    Maybe you can write sometime about your multitasking skills!!
    What do I love about your blog? The fact that you are so real compare to other bloggers!!

    Keep up the great work and have a blessed week :-D

  4. You still look chic with your bun, glasses and coffee in hand!

  5. Super cute, love the bag!!!! I could live in all Black, its so classic and timeless!!!

    ~~Please stop by my blog and enter my FIRST Giveaway!!!

  6. I actually would mark this post as something attainable... something I would actually wear. The way you have your hair is what I call my "power hair" like Veronica on Better Off Ted. (Anyone?) The layers are fantastic and I feel like you look like you mean business, while still approachable.

  7. that bag is amazing. if I could look like this dressed down, I would never dress up.

  8. Cute outfit.

    -- recently posted… Fall Makeup Look 2012

  9. Lol!! It's sooo true, bloggers are never dressed's like everyone is dressed to attend some super chic event every single day...riiiight.
    I personally love seeing a dressed down version of anyone because I think that's when you see just what that person is all about.
    You're obviously still chic in your sweats, and effortlessly beautiful.

  10. love this look it is so chic! It is funny that bloggers don't show their dressed down looks!

  11. love the bag! ahh Philip Lim !!


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