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September 14, 2012

Happy Friday!

This week has been a crazy one (see a little more here), but amazing nonetheless. For the weekend? I plan on heading home home as soon as I get out of work to visit my mama in the hospital. If she's doing alright a nice hike and a trip to the Big E will hopefully happen :)

Hope you all have great weekends! 
As always thanks for reading and following along, even when medical school and the hospital make regularly blogging a little difficult! 
{Wearing scrubs every day also make taking daily outfit pictures quite difficult, but we'll get through this haha ;) }


  1. haha I feel you on the outfit photos, I just started class again and I have to wear scrubs too. Hope your mom is okay and you have a great weekend!

  2. Cute photos! :) And I would LOVE to see photos of your scrubs ;) Seriously though I would! :) Haha, anyway, always enjoy seeing your picture updates!

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  4. Enjoy your weekend...I think it's been a tough week for everyone so we're all in need of some relaxing and a little fun.

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