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August 3, 2012

Study Outfit: Striped Cardigan and Skinny Jeans

Cardigan and Flats, Target
Tank and Jeans, Forever 21
Love necklace, Charlotte Russe
Bag, boutique in Newport, RI

A simple outfit for a summer afternoon at an air-conditioned cafe - a flowy tank for the sweltering heat outside and a cozy cardi for the chilly temps in air-conditioned spaces! These $10 flats from Target are one of my go to's and my stretchy skinnies from Forever 21 go with pretty much anything!

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  1. Love your affordable fashions!!
    And striped sweaters are ALWAYS in style ;)

  2. Such a cute outfit and I LOVE your bag! Even better that this was all from places I can afford! LOVE! :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  3. You are adorable - I'm super lazy when I study and wear pjs everywhere I can get away with it. ;)

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