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June 6, 2012

Work It Wednesday No.15

Happy Wednesday! Sorry this link up is coming to you a little later than usual but clinic is ridiculous. I actually felt like I had more time working inpatient! Here's my outfit for this week's Work It Wednesday; I think a red lip would have been perfect for this look (like I did here with a similar top), but I have yet to work up the courage to wear red lipstick to the clinic or hospital. Don't think I ever will. And my pants are the most deceiving thing ever - they may look dressy but they're actually stretchy work out pants so they are pretty much the comfiest thing ever :) 
Top and belt, Forever 21
Pants, thrifted
Pumps, Guess
Bag, Lo & Sons

My favorite look last week was Kacie's from Kacie's Kloset!
Loved her pink blazer paired with striped top, the perfect dark wash jeans, that gorgeous necklace of hers plus the rest of her accessories. Too cute! Absolutely perfect for a casual Friday at the office. 

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  1. wow, love that your pants are actually work out pant. The look so elegant. Gorgeous outfit overall.

  2. LOVE your top and those pants are whhh whhhat?! How awesome, would never be able to tell, they look so chic on you! And I love Kacie's look, definitely a lovely, fun look for Casual Friday! Sorry I have been MIA in the link ups lately. Been too busy preparing for my trip the next two weeks to take any photos! I will be linking up again when I get back!


  3. i would NEVER know those are WORK OUT pants! WHAAAT?! you look great! and i agreee, kacie's look was amaaaazing last week!!! thanks for hosting, girl :)

  4. I would have never guessed those pants to be work out pants! You look great!

    Thanks so much for choosing me as your favorite look :) I was so excited when I saw my picture! You made my day!!!

  5. Do the red lipstick at the clinic/hospital! Double dare you!

    Ha, I understand if you don't. That red turns heads! It really is serious business wearing red lipstick.

  6. Really great look, the tank and pants show of your tiny waist! I work for a jewelry designer and judging from this look you might like her stuff...

  7. this is a really cool outfit, for work and play! I would wear this to the office!

  8. Cute top, love the for of your pants!

  9. Wow! These are gorgeous. I never would've guess that they were work out pants though. How cool is that.


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