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April 10, 2012

Work It Wednesday No.8

Happy Wednesday! Here's an outfit for "dress-down" day at work. Dark skinny jeans still look professional when paired with a crisp white shirt and simple accessories.  
Top, thrifted
Jeans, F21
Pumps, Nine West
Bag, Target

My favorite pick from last week's link up was J's look from Shana-Style! I loved her floral patterned top, the chic bag, and those perfect pants! The accessories are great too! Check her out! 
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We won't be having a Work It Wednesday next week (I'm taking my boards next Tuesday, eeek!!!), so this link will stay open for a while and we'll get back into the normal schedule when I get back from Cancun! And your questions for my Q&A post have been amazing, feel free to ask more in a comment or using the contact tab! Thanks so much for reading! Please spread the word about the link-up! 


  1. My question: Has anyone ever made you feel guilty for dressing nice? I am in college and most people around me are studying for tests in their sweats, and they make fun of me because I put effort into how I look.

    2nd question: I know that you're a med school student. Can you stay up all night studying? Or do you have to have a certain amount of sleep to function?


    a Pre-Med student

  2. Question: Would you feel self-conscious if you met a blog reader in-person? Do your friends and classmates know about your blog or is it something you'd rather not tell people about? Why?

  3. Yay i won the favorite pick, thx for picking my outfit Laura:)

  4. LOVE the outfit and with your hair and make up you look very old hollywood glamour ;)

  5. Laura I LOVE your lipcolor! So gorgeous! Good luck on those boards next week!

  6. Cute outfit Laura!!! ANd your hair looks amazing :)


  7. Gorgeous look! Simple and chic and those heels are fantastic, not to mention the lip color! Just linked up, thanks for always hosting this amazing link up, I look forward to it every week!


  8. Love the Red lips! You worked it!

  9. Love this classic look, lipstick is great too!

  10. Loving the hair as well. Looks very 50s.

  11. Love those pants - and the white + red lipstick looks fabulous!

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. awesome classic outfit! you look lovely! and I loved that idea of collecting the posts on that subject! very creative!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm your newest follower

  13. a very clean outfit, I think it's perfect! You look very stylish!

  14. Hey hon, no link up party today?
    No pressure, just checking in. :) Hope all is good.

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

    1. Hi Natasha! No just had my big exam yesterday, but please feel free to link up a new look to this post, it will be open for another week! Thanks for checking in! xx

  15. Thanks for hosting!
    New follower via bloglovin.


  16. Nice blog!
    Cool pics!

    Let's follow each other...


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