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April 3, 2012

Work It Wednesday No.7

Happy Wednesday everyone! I must admit I almost forgot it was Wednesday - having nothing scheduled this week except for "studying" definitely makes it easy to forget what day it is! It also means I didn't have to go to the hospital (or dress up) so I decided to share an old look with you all! This was one of my first outfits I shared on the blog back in August of last year when I started. What do you think of the bangs? I swear I get bangs every summer and then hate them by the fall. I spend all winter growing them out and then cut them again the next summer! Ladies don't let me fall into the trap this year!!! It's probably gonna happen anyway... 
Top and pants, H&M
Belt, Gap
Shoes, Marshalls (Maxstudio)

The participation in last week's Work It Wednesday was phenomenal! I couldn't believe how many of you linked up! Picking who worked it best was so hard because you all worked it! Seriously, you ladies continue to inspire me and your readers! 

Ms. Mia Maree was my pick for last week! 

Her tangerine blazer - I want it now! And the way she paired it with such a simple and delicately patterned top, just lovely! The dark pants make it perfect for a casual day at the office. Great job Mia, perfect inspiration for spring work attire! 

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  1. Wow bangs look hot on you! Not helping is it :p

  2. Bangs suit you! But then again, what doesn't?

  3. I love the Bangs! But I got them once and it was my downfall.

    Are you going to the Boston Bloggers tonight!?!

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately not going tonight, huge exam is fast approaching! :( Next one I'll be there though!

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  5. I love this outfit Laura! So simple and chic! :) And I love your bangs, but I'm on board with you there! I got rid of mine and just got them back last fall because I wanted to do something different with my hair while I was growing out the overall length. But they grow too quickly and I don't know how to cut them myself... so I am growing them out now. But every time I see a picture with bangs, I want them again!

    It is a vicious cycle :)

    And sorry about the above... had a major typo, haha :)

  6. love the bangs, very cute!! I wish I could wear bangs without them making me look like I'm eight!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Wow your hair looks fantastic!! It's so dramatic! And, OF COURSE, I love the outfit too ;)



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