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March 28, 2012

Work It Wednesday No.6

Today is a special Work It Wednesday because it's my last day at the hospital! Well at this hospital. Today I finish my patient-doctor class at Mass General Hospital; starting late April I'll be doing all of my rotations at Brigham and Women's! I guess it sort of makes it a special Work It Wednesday. 
Top, Gap
Skirt, Wet Seal
Pumps, Guess
Bag, Target

I'm realizing now that I look like I have to pee in that bottom left picture... But what really matters - who worked it best last week?

Ashley from A Sassy Woman!

I loved her perfectly tailored trousers, her blazer (her mom's!) and her unique bag and necklace (and that adorable belt). Beautiful, and so chic! Thanks for linking up Ashley! 

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  1. Love that top girl and the colour looks amazing on you!

  2. Well, if it makes you feel better, I did NOT get "I really have to pee out of that picture. This is such a cute outfit, and I'm dying for that blouse! It looks so comfy, yet polished at the same time. Congrats on being done with one job and on to the next!

  3. Amazing blouse!!!!! Such a pretty color, looks great on you! Have a great last day at the hospital you are at! And I LOVE Ashley's trousers and her necklace, so chic! :)

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. You look gorgeous as always!
    Thanks for hosting us, I've linked up. :)


  5. I think you have a fab outfit for work it wednesday! Most of all I love the bag! I need it, like.right now! Haha! :)
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

  6. Love your look!! The olive + black is a gorgeous color combo on you!
    Excited to check out the other looks!
    XO - Marion

    And LOL at your pee comment! :)

  7. Yay!!! you said I worked it best last week!!! I'm excited :) You look teriffic as usual. Love your green blouse paired with your black pencil skirt! Too cute!! Enjoy your last day at that particular hospital!!


  8. So excited to be linking up with you!! Love your top and pencil skirt (ooh and that bag!) ;)
    XO, Jessica

  9. Your always wearing heels to do you do it? I love the top :)
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  10. Thank you for the lovely comment! Also I love your shoes and I love your idea about the linking up. Thanks!


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