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March 13, 2012

Work It Wednesday No.4

Happy Wednesday! Today we're linking up for our fourth Work It Wednesday! I can't believe the amazing participation we've had from so many of you! I love seeing how you all get chic for work! Today I'm pairing a bright blue structured top with neutral pieces. 
Top and shoes, Zara
Pants, Charlotte Russe
Cape, Urbanog 

Thanks so much to those of you who linked up last week, the question of course that we all want to know... Who worked it best last week? My pick was Nikki from Nikki's Life and Style! Her red and beige look she wore to observe her 5th grade classroom was perfect! The colors, the shapes (loving the pants), all of it was so chic for work!

To link up this week, click on the "click here to enter" link below. Enter your link for your post, and in the caption/title box enter your blog name. Make sure to crop your own image so the thumbnail looks exactly how you want it! Can't wait to see your looks, and please spread the word, I couldn't get this link up going without you all! Thanks so much for visiting and participating!


  1. You look gorgeous! Love that Zara top on you...
    And I wish I had a work look to post this week :-( I will definitely plan one for next week :-)
    XO - Marion

  2. Ooo I love your hair in a bun!!!! Chic look! I'm looking forward to linking up when I post tomorrow!

  3. i adore your blog very much! *newest follower*


  4. Laura, this is stunning! I love the combo of camel with that light blue! And the light blue is such a great color on you :) Also love the way you did your hair! So perfect :)

  5. Hey hon, thanks for the comment on the Portuguese dress - yeah I love it! ;) And I've linked up again this week. Thanks for hosting these, I really look forward to them!


  6. I keep forgetting to link up! I love your look is simple but very flattering on you. Love your hair here, the switch to a low sleek bun is stunning!

  7. Lovely look...In love with the jacket :-)


  8. I did not know about ut blog and is soo cute! i'm following now :)
    what about folloeing eachother? ^^

  9. LOVE your outfit! that bright blue just makes me so happy :)

  10. linking up again... thanks for visiting & leaving that nice comment. The hair looks fab in that sleek back low bun

  11. I adore how sleek and wonderfully stylized this look is. There isn't technically a lot going on, but the pieces you selected are perfect proportions and silhouettes together. Lovely.
    I'll be sure to wear something a little less schlubby next week and will link up, too.

  12. Cute Work outfit!!! I am definitely going to try and participate next week. This week I was on spring break so ofcourse I wasnt dressed up for work lol. Keep up the great work :)


  13. You're so pretty and your skin is to die for. Love the blue!

    Minted Magazine

  14. Super lovely blog!



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