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March 6, 2012

Black and White Stripes

Top, F21
Cardigan, JCPenney
Leggings, Rainbow
Scarf, Burlington Coat Factory
Boots, Charlotte Russe

A comfy layered outfit I wore for a Saturday spent in Newport, Rhode Island, eating sea salt dark chocolate, taking in the ocean, and doing a little shopping. Forgot to snap a picture with my new bag which makes me sad because I love it so much! But it's ok, you guys will see it another time :)

I hope you ladies are getting excited for round 3 of Work It Wednesday tomorrow! I can't wait to see your looks! Spread the word and check out last week's if you haven't already! xoxo


  1. You do casual so well. How do you balance work and a social life?

  2. Stunning! You make casual look so chic... always! Love the mix of stripes with a camel-colored scarf :) I am excited for Work It Wednesday tomorrow!!!!


  3. Cute outfit. Love your boots. Hopefully my day goes great tomorrow so I can participate in Week 3 of Work it Wednesday :)


  4. Such an adorable outfit! I love the boots...very chic mama!

  5. You always look so polished lady!

  6. Adorable! This outfit is great. And the day of shopping and chocolate sounds pretty fantastic, too ;)

  7. Love the outfit-- especially the stripes! :)

  8. love that scarf, the color is perfect!

  9. I love Newport! I was never one for driving around and looking at rich people's houses, but those mansions are so beautiful....I feel so Great Gatsby when I see them!


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