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March 27, 2012

Bathtubs and Relaxation

So yesterday I just finished my last exam of my pre-clinical years in medical school (woohoo, done with the first 2 years of med school)! I still have the big boards coming up and lots of studying still has to get done, but what I'm really dreaming about - a nice long bath. Not the kind in a crappy little shower thing, a real bath. And for that, a claw-foot tub is necessary. So let the chic claw-foot tub dreaming begin.
Ok that last one is straight up dreaming. Like the first three could possibly happen when I buy a house, but a big old tub by the ocean? Haha I like to dream big ;) 

I hope you all are having great weeks and are ready for Work It Wednesday tomorrow! Spread the word about the link up! (Images clockwise from top left {1} {2} {3} {4})


  1. These are so pretty! I am excited for the link up tomorrow!

  2. i hope you done good in those tests, keep going!!! :) Oh yes, a nice bath would be PERFECT for me too beautiful baths...want one of those!!:)
    Much love, Gabriele.xx

  3. Oh my GOD you're on my wavelength! Having a student bathroom sucks. I'll finally have my own 'proper one' in 2 and a bit months now. In my dream world I'd love the second one down on the left <3

    Lea x - - check my blog out and follow me back if you like it? :) x

  4. Congrats on finishing your last exam! Those tubs look loooovely. Especially the last one (of course! I wonder if the view comes with the tub if I ordered it? haha)

    Cup of Tea


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