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January 3, 2012

Caped in Neutral

Cape, Urbanog
Pants, Charlotte Russe
Shoes, Payless

Back to school today, and although I'm sad to not wake up to my family everyday, I'm actually excited to be busy again! Today we start hematology and oncology! Hope you all have wonderful weeks and are just as ready to get back to work or school!


  1. Great cape and looks great in that light.
    Good luck with the new subjects and Happy New Year!

  2. that cape is gorgeous! love that color.

  3. I adore that cape! You look so pretty...just like a model.

  4. nothing like a good cape! love it and i love the kitten heels as well. good luck with your classes :-)


  5. I really love that jacket its such a lovely neutral color the way you styled it is so sophisticated and chic

  6. such a pretty outfit! :)

  7. I love the classic look this cape has, it's probably the camel color and awesome buttons. Very cute!

    Cup of Tea

  8. With your skin tone, you really should wear more color in your wardrobe :)

  9. beautiful cape! hope you're having a very happy new year so far :)

  10. Love the cape... it look amazing on but wheres ur layers? Its Cold out there now

  11. That cape is amazing! I really need to invest into getting one!

  12. Ah this cape is like ahmazing! I recently found UrbanOG, they're shoes keep me up all night. I love them so much. Have you purchased any yet? IF so tell me if they're worth buying! I really want to purchase something from there.. just have to find the right thing out of the 15 things.

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