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December 5, 2011

A Little Bit of Weekend and A Winner!

Another fabulous weekend has come and gone, and another busy Monday is upon us. My weekend was spent watching my fabulous classmates in our Second Year Show (I have some seriously talented classmates), bubble bathing, Christmas decorating (and wishing), eating in, and catching up on American Horror Story. Perfect! How were your weekends?
{Photos from the show taken by my friend Miguel Ortiz, elf pic here, AHS pic here}

What you guys are really here for though, the winner of my Marc by Marc Jacobs Bracelet Giveaway! Without further ado the winner is... (drum roll)...
comment number 30 - Amanda of Something Old Meets Something New!
Congrats Amanda, and thank you so much to all of you for entering the giveaway and reading A Little Bit of Lacquer. It means so much to me! More giveaways to come!


  1. Congrats Amanda... Lucky girl you!

  2. yay grats to the winner!

  3. your weekend looks really exciting! Nice pictures, wow congrats to Amanda! That's a lovely bracelet


  4. Ahhhh! Laura, I'm freaking blown away - I'm probably the unluckiest person I know, haha so this is just beyond exciting! Like I said in my post I'm totally obsessed with gold chains (just posted a necklace similar to your Mr-T necklace today, haha) so this is just such a thrill
    Thank you so much! And let me know what I need to provide to you :)


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