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December 16, 2011

Holiday Party!

Wednesday I had an exam. I had to interview and examine a patient in the hospital. I do this every week with the same doctor who teaches me his ways - but this time I had a new doctor who would be observing my ways. And this time my patient was on all types of precautions - I had to gown up, glove up, and put on a mask (I looked like the people at the bottom in yellow, except with gloves and a mask). I had never done this before, which made the exam a little different (on top of the doctor hovering over me taking notes on my every move). Needless to say it was a stressful time, but the good news (and the point of this post) was that I left the hospital on time and got to celebrate with some blogger loves. Still being in semi-doctor mode, I forgot to take pictures, but with a bar full of bloggers I didn't have to worry!

 Jennifer of Jennifer March, Emily of So Anthro, me, Sarah of Hemenway Street.
 Brittany of Brilliance of B, Smita of Hogger and Co, Najeema of A Stylized Hysteria, me.
 Helena of The Honey Flower Girl, me, Smita (love her face!).
The lovely co-host of the evening, {AV} of Long Distance Loving. Loved seeing her again!

This is the gown I had to wear in the hospital. Thank goodness I didn't wear it to the party! Instead I wore a black turtleneck, black pants, black boots, my fur stole, and red lips!

Top, H&M
Pants, Charlotte Russe
Boots, Chinese Laundry
Fur stole, GAP
Bag, thrifted

P.S. Special thanks to Smita, Najeema, and Kiki for letting me use their gorgeous pictures! You ladies are amazing photographers!


  1. I can't believe a photo of my face like that is making the blogger rounds!
    So lovely to meet you in person Laura; you are just as CHIC in person!

  2. I'm going to school to be an Ultrasound tech. and I have to do a similar exam & I am soo nervous about it!

    PS. All of you ladies look great..I'm sure it was a great night!

  3. It was great meeting you on Wednesday! Hopefully we will hang out again soon!

  4. So great to see you lady!! Never would have known you came right from the hospital, always looking so chic!

  5. yep, I remember when I was in nursing school and I was in the hospital all day all I would want to do after my shift was throw on something glamorous! I'd even drag myself out of bed a little bit earlier each morning to throw on a little makeup before I hit the floors lol. very glam.Love it!

  6. seriously SO wonderful to see you! you looked gorgeous, as always! can't wait to see you again soon, my love....xoxox {av}

  7. You look beautiful. How long have you been in school for? Are you almost done.

  8. Again, it was SO lovely meeting you Wednesday (and discovering we're neighbors)! I didn't get a ton of pictures either because I was too caught up chatting..go figure!

  9. looks like fun was had! :) have a great weekend

  10. Looked like a great Event and you guys all had fun

  11. You're fabulous! Love this post! Great meeting you love and keep in touch! :)

  12. wonderful photos!

  13. You looked beautiful! I love the red lip and fur stole. Great look and glam.

  14. Loving your fur!!! Red lips look hawt in you :)

  15. OH I am sad to have missed you in person...I swing by the event early but had to leave early for something else- tis the season. Hope to see you at something else soon!

  16. LOVE that stole… seriously, obsessed. On the hunt for one for myself…
    your newest follower,
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  17. beautiful photos and blog!!


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