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December 21, 2011

Heartbreak Sweater

Our hearts are delicate organs. I mean, they pump non-stop from the 6th week of our lives when we were little bugs until our last breath, so they definitely have the stamina. But man oh man, do they break easily, some more easily than others. I like to think my heart is armored up pretty well, but we've all felt heartbreak. One of my biggest? Sarah Jessica Parker's super chic budget-friendly line, Bitten, biting the dust after it's exclusive carrier Steve & Barry's went bankrupt. {I kid, there is so so so much to life and heartbreak than silly clothes.} But seriously, do any of you remember this line? If you don't, good, you don't have to deal with the heartbreak. But this was a perfect line if there ever was one - perfectly fitting sweaters, chic tops, pants I didn't even have to get tailored! The colors must have been selected from my very own personal color palette. And of course the prices - unbeatable, unbelievable really! But alas, all good things come to an end. This sooner than many; all I have left are a couple of pieces - this wool sweater being one of them.
Sweater, Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker
Tank and Bag, Target
Pants, Charlotte Russe
Pumps, Guess


  1. Oh man, yes I remember Bitten. The style, fit, and price were awesome! I recently found a pair of Bitten black dress pants at the thrift store, and was so happy I had another piece to add to my wardrobe!

  2. Delicate sweaters are the best.

    I never bought any Bitten pieces, but now I'll have to keep an eye out at the thrift store...great idea, Melody!

  3. Ofcourse I remember Bitten! I LOVED that Steve and Barrys. It had great finds at unbeatable prices! I actually still have my turquoise Bitten heels!!


  4. This outfit is so chic! you look great. I need pumps like that in my life.

  5. I wish I knew about Bitten before they closed. They had reasonable prices. You look good. I need those shoes.

  6. Yes, I remember the line, but I've never purchased anything...:( Love this sweater :)

  7. You make a simple sweater and black pants look so glamorous!! xoxo, eliza

  8. I remember that line. lol! But I hated Steve and Barry's. That sweater fits you well too. ;)

  9. Great outfit! And the bag is from Target? Could have fooled me!

  10. Nothing from Bitten ever fit me well - but I DID own this sweater! Love this effortlessly chic, casual look.

  11. none of the clothes from Bitten line fit me well but I did like the accessories! I still have a pair of sunglasses and teal flats that I wear.

  12. Wow you look super :) really enjoying your blog xoxo

    Linda from


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