Black Fur and Rock

December 1, 2011

Quick post because I was running late this morning and am writing this in cardiology lecture! This was a fun outfit I wore on Thanksgiving Eve for a local rock show. The drinks were yummy, the band was awesome, and the company was even better!
Jacket, H&M
Black faux fur shrug (or vest?), Kohl's
Tank, F21
Jeans, Vigoss
Booties, BCBG

P.S. Thank you so much for all of your amazing comments on my last post about bullying. It's a lot more common than adults like to think, and can be really detrimental to kids, possibly leading them to psychiatric problems like my patient or getting into trouble and mischief like my case. Hopefully me sharing my story helped someone :)


  1. Very cute outfit! The boots are nice and your makeup is lovely. :-)

  2. Shearling booties - yes please! I agree with Miss Ellis, on your makeup too.

  3. This outfit is amazing! You're so gorgeous!!

  4. yes to those booties. Love 'em. ;}

  5. LOVE THIS OUTFIT! Your hair looks so good!

  6. you look beautiful! i love your jacket and those BCBG booties!! thanks so much for stopping by my blog = yours is lovely!!
    xx ~ kristina ;)

  7. I looove this look! Your boots are just perfect, the coat is rocker-awesome and your hair looks beautiful as always!
    Annd saw your PS so scrolled down to read your last post - that's crazy, girl! Congrats to you for really turning your life around...there are so many kids that don't get the kind of encouragement they really need to do the right thing and pursue their dreams... The fact that you are in medical school and balancing this amazing blog blows me away every time!


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