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November 18, 2011

Lumberjack Laura

Happy Friday! Here's a fun fall outfit that made me feel like a lumberjack. All I needed was an axe (or whatever tool lumberjacks use) and my look would have been complete; I doubt I would've been able to walk around with an axe all day at the med school though. This Mr. T necklace is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The shoes on the other hand, I'm not in love with yet. I love the look of them, but on me they do a great job of making my legs look stumpy; I'll have to try them with a different outfit, suggestions?
Top and Bag, H&M
Vest, Old Navy
Jeans, thrifted (Madewell)
Shoes, Charlotte Russe

P.S. I am enjoying getting your comments so so much! I promise I am reading all of them, and I will get back to them this weekend! We're finishing our respiratory block today :)


  1. I think you should've carried around an axe. Just tell people it's a new technique! I think your outfit is super cute and un-lumberjack like.

  2. I love your outfit and your blog!
    I'm now following you on BLOGLOVIN' , if you want , can do the same:
    kISSES andy

  3. Super Cute!! What are the details on the necklace?

  4. Thank you! The necklace is from Ann Taylor Loft.

  5. I think the boots look great! But if you feel unsure about them, maybe just experiment with some outfits? Maybe a chunky sweater and a maxi skirt? Just tossing out ideas :P

  6. Love your shoes girl - very nice - and the vest is so stylish.

  7. crazy about those shoes!! :)

    thanks for the tweetback last night :) made me smile

  8. Those shoes are so cute and they do NOT make your legs look stumpy. lol.

  9. i really like your vest, pretty girl:) xoxo

  10. Love love love love your style!! Very cute and polished! Thanks for the posts!

  11. This is a really cute and relaxing look! I've yet to find a good plaid shirt, and yours looks exactly like something I would wear. Thumbs up!

    Cup of Tea

  12. Nice outfit! I love your shoes.


  13. Thanks for the comment.. and lovely outfit.. x

  14. i sooo love this!!great look


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