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November 16, 2011

Grey and Gold Nails

A fun hospital-friendly manicure I did this weekend. I'm obsessed with gold and grey this season, what are your favorite nail polish colors for the season?  
Grey polish is Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey; Gold polish is O.P.I. Dazzled by Gold. 

P.S. Thanks so much for all of your kind comments on my twitter and facebook pages regarding being named Glamour's Best Dressed Reader! You guys really are the best :)


  1. Looks great± I just found your blog and I love it, im a new follower x

  2. That is cute! Also, congratulations on your honor from Glamour. That is wonderful. I remember seeing that same photo on Fashion Bomb and that's how I found your blog. :)

    Also, I mentioned you on my most recent blog post because you inspired me to go try Wet & Wild's Mega Last Lip Color. I bought Cherry Bomb. :)

  3. i loveeee nail art! these are super cute <3


    - teeney

  4. congrats! such a honor :) following you on twitter now :)

  5. Love it. I love nails art a lot. I have the same golden polish from OPI. I should definitely try it for fall. Thanks hun

  6. I love this manicure color - business, but still pleasure. Lovely!

  7. That nail color is so pretty and i love the touch of gold glitter. p.s. congrats. That's pretty darn amazing.

  8. gorgeous!



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